Land Transportation

Land ( Road transportation ) in form of FTL ( Full Tonnage Loading ) , LTL ( Groupage —- Little Tonnage Loading ) and transportation of voluminous cargoes by special ‘truck and bogie –trailers ‘ from all European countries and Turkey to all the Customs Houses in the country by Saeei Tarabar Arsham land transportation company.

International transit is carried out by the Iranian and foreign lorries , depending on demands by customers in the shortest period of time as well as with the most competitive rates from the furthest points in the world to all Customs Houses in the country.

Necessary information for giving orders for international road transportation

  1. Place of loading ( The exact address in origin for EXW cargoes and the name of harborage in the origin country for FCA cargoes) Place of discharge ( Name of the Customs House in destination )
  2. Number of trucks  or lorries  ( 3 XFTL )
  3. Specifying clearly the number of cartons or palettes ( stackable or non-stackable ) if necessary
  4. Proportions and weight of each carton or palette ( preferably in Centimeter , otherwise another Measuring Unit should be announced