New and integrated checking system directive

The text of the circular can be seen below and can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. / In Persian

The text of the circular

Greetings and Regards;

They are summoned, the integrated check issuance system (Sayad) has been launched by the Central Bank and has been activated in all banks. These checks with the same design and color along with the “quick response code” will be distributed in all banks of the country and will replace the old checks, as well as the issuance mechanism, and will have the same origin in the mentioned system. This system through mechanization The check validation process makes it easy to inquire and communicate with the recipients of the checks via the Internet and SMS.

The Central Bank has also announced that the checks with the previous format are not invalid, but from the beginning of May this year, they will be available only in the branch and city where they issued it. Therefore, please, when sending the goods import notice and the conditions for issuing the clearance, please pay attention and the following phrase should be explicitly stated by the esteemed representatives of the lines:

“Due to the replacement of the one-piece check issuance system (Sayad) by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, this company is exempt from accepting checks other than the mentioned system.”

In order to prevent any abuse and disruption of the clearance delivery process, it is also necessary for those colleagues who have old checks from their customers to take action as soon as possible.