ترانزیت کالا

Transit of goods

ترانزیت کالا

What is transit?

Transit is simply the delivery of goods or items that the seller sends to the buyer, but have not yet reached the buyer and are on their way. In other words, it is a series of steps according to which the goods are sent from the origin to the destination and may be kept in the middle of the road in the city or third country in the protected area to be sent to the destination city or country at the earliest opportunity.

Carriage of goods and crossing the border have special rules and regulations that must be observed by the seller, buyer and the company or person carrying the goods. Many countries meet their needs through transit by other countries. Because no country is able to meet all its needs from within the country. For this reason, countries have trade relations with each other and many goods leave and enter the countries.

Iran Transit Law

In Article 1 of the Law on the Transport and Transit of Foreign Goods, the definition of transit is as follows: “Gradually, at the request of the owner of the goods, it enters the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran from one border point of the country and leaves the same point or other border points of the country.”


The amount of goods that enter the protected areas, if the owner of the goods requests to transport it to domestic destinations, will be subject to the rules and regulations of the goods imported into the country.

Foreign transit

Foreign transit goods, after completing customs formalities at the point of entry customs, are transported directly to the exit customs. The owner of the goods or the transport company, who is known as the representative of the owner of the goods, prepares the transit declaration in two copies at the customs of entry.

Important points in foreign transit

For foreign transit, it is necessary to obtain the necessary permits and submit them along with the transit declaration. Sometimes the manifest of foreign transit cargo arriving by dinghy is accepted instead of the bill of lading. Goods transported by customs or by government post or government transport companies to the exit border, customs can accept a valid written guarantee instead of all or part of the guarantee.

Transit road

As mentioned above, transit means the transportation of goods from origin to destination, which can be internal or external. In foreign transit, the destination is another country, and domestic transit is the destination of another city in the same country. In land transportation, transit is done through specific roads and routes, which are called transit roads.

Prepared and written by: Saeei Tarabar Arsham

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